In The Hub Bcn Showroom we are aware that many of you as multibrand stores in all Spain give your support to good fashion at affordable prices for your customers, and therefore all our brands provide these important values ​​today. From now on, besides the brands of Freequent, Brave Soul, Smash and Mismash we will be agents of Compañía Fantástica for Catalonia, Aragon and Andorra. And we are happy for that.

Compañía Fantástica was founded in Madrid in 2002 by brothers Jaime and Mini. The brand philosophy is based on the magic of the everyday and on a different and accessible style. Its identifying marks are the colours, the prints, the attention to detail, the variety of styles and all them with a good profit mark-up for our customers. In all collections of Compañía Fantástica you can find the latest trends, being one of its strengths the sweet and feminine dresses as well as his bold prints. And something that has caught us attention from this brand is the ability that have all their clothes to be combined and be able to choose the look you like the most.


Compañía Fantástica make proposals that run both day and night, combining design with comfort, without losing sophistication. With each new collection they improve the quality and the pattern of all garments by diversifying the essence of the brand to more adult and exclusive territories and incorporating greater presence of fabrics like viscose, cotton, crepe, georgette and rayon.

Although Compañía Fantástica is born as an entirely Spanish brand, now the bulk of its sales are international, with customers in countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, Russia, Japan, China, India , USA and Canada. This is due in large part to the promotion of the brand at international fairs such as “Who’s on next” in Paris, “Bread & Butter” in Berlin and “Panorama” in Berlin too, fairs which regularly attends Compañía Fantástica.

It also has a strong brand image, which is strengthened every day thanks to the continuous presence in the media, heads of national and international fashion, television, hair stylists, celebrities and bloggers, and certainly the growing online community that it has nows. Its careful digital strategy is based on constant dynamism, the care of the contents and detection of influencers that has provided the company a community of more than 40.000 followers divided into channels as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Vimeo.In short, a fashion brand that, from The Hub Bcn Showroom, we are sure you will love and you will enjoy it in your stores.

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