From The Hub Bcn Showroom we believe that “the future of the multi stores suggest the same challenges as the rest of stores”. Our compromise with the stores is clear, we focus on the fashion brands for man and woman that we truly believe have a place in the market, thanks to their designs with “idea” and especially for their affordable prices.For more than 17 years of experience in the fantastic world of fashion, we are are national and international agents for different brands like Freequent, Brave Soul, Smash and Mismash.

Una de nuestras salas dedicadas a la firma Freequent

Una de nuestras salas dedicadas a la firma Freequent

Thanks to them we can do what we like the most, to transfer our customers the trends for each collection.Our star brand is Freequent. Born in Denmark, it creates woman fashion inspired by the best catwalks in New York, Paris, London or Milan. ” Creativity, thinking in a global attitude ” is the slogan. Its style is super feminine and sweet. Clothes finishing are excellent. Fresh looks and good prices are two of the main reasons for the good working of this brand both in multi-brand stores and in the corners of El Corte Inglés we have set up in different cities.

Brave Soul, a British fashion brand for man and woman that combines the comfort of sport with the latest trends, face other brands with very competitive prices. Designs are always very young and adaptable to any personal style. Designs for people who likes to enjoy without fear or stereotypes.

And we finally hold the brands Smash and Mismash, both belonging to the same company group and have in common their excellent quality-price. With fashion and accessories for women, these Catalan brands are inspired in the city of Barcelona . They unleash passion for art and graphic design, showing the happy Barcelona Style. Smash is the strongest and darest, and dress a funny woman who likes to get the attention and Mismash dress a more romantic and elegant woman who likes to dress according to the latest trends.

This is the concept of The Hub Bcn Showroom, providing fashion for different styles at a very good prices according to the current time. A good financial management, a customer service and a wide stockroom are the full services who help at any time all the stores that decide to join us.  You will find us at:
Carrer d’Àvila, 120-124,
08018 de Barcelona

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